How it Works

Instead of crawling around in the engine compartment to find the engine coolant drain fittings, opening them and then cleaning up the mess, The Winterizer offers a quick and easy solution to this necessary maintenance chore.

By using The Winterizer pump to pull the water out of the engine, owners will speed up the time to remove the water as well as controlling where the water goes. The ingenious part of The Winterizer system is the pump. Being able to reverse the flow, it can also clean away sediment that builds up inside some engines. Simply turn the valve to push air or water into the engine through the drain port. This feature of reverse flow can remove the trapped water and replace it with salt neutralizers, antifreeze or other chemicals that will protect your engine.

To remove the water from the engine block just connect the female quick coupler to one of the male connectors and check the direction of flow on the pump (it should be pointing towards the drain hose). Put the drain hose end of the pump outside the boat and pump until the water is removed (the pump will have less resistance when pumping air). Repeat with each male fitting. You are done ... FAST AND EASY.

Watch the winterizer at work de-winterizing at